A face journey through Riverdale S02E12 via Titus Andromedon from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Riverdale is a visceral journey, and can’t always be described in words. Join us then, as we go on a Face Journey through Riverdale S02E12 with facial expression extraordinaire Titus Andromedon, guest starring from his own show The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt…

When Veronica tries to RSVP the Lord five years too late because her parents want the same fancy priest who baptised her.

When we’re invited to believe that Betty webcaming grotty guys is sexy in 2018.

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When you came to take this piss out of Riverdale only to find that your genuinely moved by the writing and acting during the father/ son argument between Jughead and JP.

When Gangster #3 pulls Hiram up in front of all his gangster pals about his wife getting drunk on the fine aged wine that is Luke Perry while Hiram was in prison.

riverdale; titus andromedon; kimmy schmidt

When Gangster #4 asks Gangster #3 “Who does that?” when talking about how Hiram went after the child of an other gangster like their not all gangsters or something.

When you want to fall down on the floor and actually DIE of embarrassment when Veronica walks down the aisle of a church singing Bitter Sweet Symphony.

When Archie Andrews loses his innocence and lies to protect the evil Lodge family.

When webcaming leads to brutal murder.

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