Who Fed Benny? Present Tramp Stamp, Webster’s Theatre, Glasgow [comedy review]

Who Fed Benny? Present Tramp Stamp is a whirlwind hour of sketch comedy that gets increasingly funnier and the jokes get increasingly weirder.

The sketches range from funny everyday absurdities (like the race for likes and shares on Facebook even when it’s about something terrible) to the surreal (two sea creatures lamenting how hard it is to break into acting) but their best sketches is a combination of the everyday and the strange, because that’s where Who Fed Benny?‘s comedy voice is at its most unique and distinctive.

They’re unafraid to follow an idea to see where it takes them, and there is a sense that the group would rather experiment and take risks than play to what they can bank on as funny. Being able to surprise your audience is the crux of good comedy, so it’s a testament to Who Fed Benny? that you can’t always see where a sketch is going. The jokes might not always fully land, but it’s never ever boring or predictable.

who fed benny

The troupe consists of four writers but only two performers, Michele Gallagher and Scarlett Mack. Gallagher is a wonderfully expressive actor who has fantastic comedic timing and pin point delivery. Mack is incredibly versatile, able to easily switch gears from dopey comedy characters to exasperated straight men, and is easily able to play all angles. There is also a real sense of camaraderie and chemistry between the pair, which makes the whole production pop.

The only weakness is that despite solid performances and solid set ups, some sketches don’t have a definitive punch line, and the occasional scene trails off and feels unfinished. Each sketch is easily carried by Mack and Gallagher on sheer charisma, but the occasional scenario, like what happened to the two romantic leads of Pretty Woman after the credits rolled, are all promise and no payoff.

Regardless, it’s still a really funny hour of Scottish comedy, and you feel that the group’s individuality and openness to experimenting is putting them on the verge of something great- like rising stardom.

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